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The Call of C'thulhu

The Stars Are Right - RIGHT NOW!

Ok all you C'thulhu cultists, here's the deal.

You want The Call of C'thulhu with music by The Ghosts Project, yes? Of course you do. Well, it's going to be on and on August 1.

But do you want to wait that long? Of course you don't! And we bet you want something extra to go with it, too.

We hear you. So we've gone ahead and made the CD of The Call of C'thulhu available by mail order nearly two weeks early!

And if you get your order in quickly, we'll send the first 100 of you a download code to get the just-completed The Mark of the Beast by Rudyard Kipling, adapted by Brad Strickland, for free from our new download partner, Bandcamp!

Answer the Call

30 Years of ARTC

Sci Fi Summer 2004

Sci Fi Summer 2004 brought ARTC back to the WOLF Broadcasting Network and some of our favorite serials, including Rory Rammer, Space Marshal, The Crimson Hawk, and Terra Tarkington: Interstellar Nurses Corps.

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In our blog post on the event for this month, we focus on the extremely important job of the Floor Manager!

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