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Dragon Con celebrates its 30th anniversary this year and ARTC celebrates its triumphant return to the largest convention of its kind in the southeast with five shows!

Full details are after the jump, but in a nutshell you can look forward to Kevin and Kell: The Great Bird Conspiracy on Friday at 1:00pm on the Comics Track to kick things off, followed by our first mainstage show that night with our special guests The Harry Strange Radio Drama!

Later on in the con you'll find us on the Paranormal Track, the Tolkien Track, yet another mainstage show, and at our sales table in the Hyatt (gotta pay the bills, y'know). Check out the full schedule and we'll see you there!

Performance Details

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Centauri Express – Vol2, Issue 1 – Dash Cardigan 01

In this issue of the Centauri Express Audio Magazine, we bring you the long-awaited first episode of the expanded version of Dash Cardigan, an interview with author Louis Puster, III, and a segment of a panel discussion from Sci Fi Summer with ARTC members William Brown, William Alan Ritch, and Anthony Fuller. All aboard!!

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