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The Magic of Radio comes to the Magic of CONjuration, a fan con for all things magical - Harry Potter, Supernatural, Lord of the Rings, other magical literature & movies and experiences!

ARTC is proud to bring Ghost Dance by Thomas E. Fuller and Candle Magic by Kelley S. Ceccato to this brand new Atlanta experience!

Do you believe in magic?

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ARTC Direct to Digital

ARTC is proud to introduce a new product category (well, new for us), Direct to Digital. These titles will be available exclusively by download.

Check out what we've got on D2D on Bandcamp!


30 Years of ARTC

Liberty Con 2006

Liberty Con 2006 featured the debut of The Doom of the Mummy by William Alan Ritch! With a live cello!

Liberty Con 2006 pictures

Latest podcast

Dash Cardigan part 2 of 4

We continue with our 2014 Dragon Con performance of Dash Cardigan!

This is 4 parts, but if you think this is the whole story, think again! ARTC is hard at work on the 13 episode epic serial that inspired this shortened version. Stay tuned!

Only part of the story...