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221B Con

Next up on the live performance calendar, 221B Con, the Sherlock Holmesiest convention you'll ever attend!

We've got a stellar lineup of mystery-themed audio drama for this convention, including the triumphant return of The Crimson Hawk and another installment of our newest series, ParaNOIRmal Encounters! Looking forward to seeing all of you there!


221B Con artwork

New Release

Treasure Island

The classic Robert Louis Stevenson tale of piracy, buried treasure, and adventure on the high seas! Adapted by Brad Strickland, Directed by Claire Christie, and featuring a full cast of scurvy pirates including the voices of Angele Masters and Bernard Setaro Clark!

Get your copy from Bandcamp today! Coming soon to,, and Downpour!


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New Release

The Weapons Shop

The classic A. E. van Vogt story of the fabled Weapons Shops - a mysterious company that gives the citizenry the means to protect themselves - from all threats!

The Right to Buy Weapons...

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