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We had a blast at World Horror Convention, but, as they said in their own program book, all ghoul things must come to an end.

ARTC now marches on to Chattanooga, TN, and our annual stop at LibertyCon where we will bring an encore presentation of The Passion of Frankenstein.

Don't miss this freight train of an audio drama by Thomas E. Fuller! And find out what all the bacon jokes that our cast and crew keep making are about!

We Like Big Bolts and We Cannot Lie

31 Years of ARTC

LibertyCon 2010

LibertyCon 2010 brought us back to Chattanooga for a second time that year. If we can make it up there twice in one year, you can make it up to see us this year!

The Choo Choo calls you

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The Passion of Frankenstein part 1 of 5

Get a sneak preview of The Passion of Frankenstein, our feature presentation at LibertyCon and at Dragon Con, with this segment from World Horror Convention!

Haunted by a Monster