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Fresh off our Indiegogo victory with Blues for Johnny Raven, we are pleased to announce our 2015 Dragon Con schedule.

Leading off on Friday night will be the award-winning Blues for Johnny Raven, along with Rory Rammer, Space Marshal: Queen of the Spaceways!

On Sunday night will be The Passion of Frankenstein. If you've been to any of our other performances of this classic this summer, come hear it again for the first time with music by The Ghosts Project!

All that, plus dramatic readings for the Comics Track and the Tolkien Track and we're looking forward to seeing our fans over the entire convention!

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The Last Dragon to Avondale 2010

Next Live Performance

Dragon Con

It's that time again! Or nearly. Come see ARTC at the biggest science fiction/fantasy and general pop culture convention in the southeast. You'll hear The Passion of Frankenstein, and you may hear even more. Stay tuned!

Seriously. Big. Convention.

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