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Blues for Johnny Raven

Our next new release: The long-awaited Blues for Johnny Raven: Episode One, The Ambiance Man will be out before you know it. The question is, how will you be listening to it?

This masterpiece from Thomas E. Fuller is a noir like you've never heard before. Private Detective Johnny Raven is trapped on The Loop, a world of sound and narration, incidental music and special effects. His client, Gloria Kinsolving, thinks someone is trying to kill her. Is it notorious ambiance dealer Lorenzo Gold? Or is there more here than meets the ear?

ARTC's first-ever IndieGogo campaign is trying to pull together the funds to press the CD. Get the full story with the button below and let us know how you want to get Blues for Johnny Raven!

And check out the preview right under the graphic!


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Blues for Johnny Raven

Award Winner!

You already saw the announcement above about our IndieGogo campaign, but we're pleased to announce that Blues for Johnny Raven has won the first ever Silver Nick Danger Prize in the Mark Time Awards!

Find out more about the awards and check out the other winners and their amazing audio dramas with the button below!

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