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ARTC Returns to the Airwaves

We'd like to thank everyone who came out to see us at our four shows at Dragon Con this weekend! It was an amazing way to celebrate our 30th anniversary and we're looking forward to entertaining all our new friends that we met.

Now we can share the announcement that we made at the convention with the rest of our fans: Beginning in October, ARTC returns to the airwaves on AM 1690, WMLB, The Voice of the Arts!

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ARTC On The Air!

ARTC Returns to the Airwaves artwork

30 Years of ARTC

Dragon Con 2005

We're still in Dragon Con mode (or getting over con crud, your choice), so we're continuing our Dragon Con memories with our 2005 performances! This week - Fresh Blood: A showcase of (at the time) new writers for ARTC!

This way to Memory Lane

Latest podcast

Dash Cardigan part 1 of 4

Fresh from our 2014 Dragon Con production, the podcast now brings you Dash Cardigan in four parts!

Thrilling adventure! Chilling confrontations with the mighty Basilisk! And, as always, the tempestuous Delayna Delyn! Can the noble Lord Dash, his faithful companion Marta Cantrell, and the Earth's supercomputer Cassandra save the day? Only one way to find out!

The Future is Now!