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Kissed by a Stranger part 1 of 2

Length: 29:11 – Size: 13.5M

Kissed by a Stranger was written by Fiona Karanina Leonard Brown, produced by David Benedict, and directed by William Alan Ritch.

Featured in the cast were the voices of Megan Jackson, Geoffrey M. Brown, Clair Whitworth Kiernan, Phil Carter, Trudy Leonard, David Benedict, and Fiona Karanina Leonard Brown.

Also heard were the voices of Terry Sanders, Daniel Taylor, Alton Leonard, Joyce Leigh, Kelley Swilley, Jack Mayfield, and “Sketch” Quinn.

Soundscaping, editing, and mixing by David Benedict.
Recording engineering by William Alan Ritch.
Foley sound effects created by Geoffrey M. Brown and David Benedict.
Recorded effects provided by Henry Howard and Audio Craft Studio.
Original music composed and performed by Alton Leonard.
Floor managers were Sheila Ameri and Elayna Little.

We hope you have enjoyed part 1 and look forward to the conclusion next week.