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Dr. Geoffry Stanhope, Investigator of Occult Phenomena: The Dweller in the Depths part 1 of 2

Duration: 16:43 Size: 8M

Ah, St. Patrick’s Day.  Leprechauns, shamrocks, pots o’ gold, and green things everywhere.  Well, everywhere except here.  We’ve just got lots of blarney because this week our podcast features a story set in that fabled land of…Scotland.

This week: Part one of The Dweller in the Depths, by Thomas E. Fuller.  This episode was recorded live at Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, GA back in 1997.  Next week we’ll bring you part two of the story, but the performers will be a lot different because it will have been recorded at Stone Mountain Park in 2005.  We hope you’ll hear how far we’ve come in those 8 years.