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DragonCon Performance Cast Announced!

With DragonCon just a little over a month away,  ARTC has begun the process of rehearsing for our live performances. Below is a list of the talented cast which will be bringing these adventures to life! 

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Rory Rammer/Queen of the Spaceways (Friday, 4 Sept.)​

Rory Queen crop     Written by Ron R. Butler     

      Announcer – Joe Ravenson
     Rory RammerDavid Benedict
     Skip SaganAdam Ross
     Michiko Sakai Laura Corliss
     Aphrodite DeHavillandClair Kiernan
     Dale Alexander – Daniel Kiernan



Blues for Johnny Raven (Friday, 4 Sept.)​


   Written by Thomas E. Fuller

     Johnny Raven – Daniel Kiernan/Adam Ross
     Gloria KinsolvingFiona Leonard​/Laura Corliss​
     Benny the GospelBrad Strickland
     Prowse – Joe Ravenson
     Lorenzo Gold Daniel Taylor



Passion of Frankenstein (Sunday, 6 Sept.)​


     Victor FrankensteinMatt Goodson/Daniel Taylor
     MonsterDavid Benedict/Daniel Taylor
     ElizabethPaige Steadman/Elisabeth Allen
     ConstanzaKelley Ceccato/Clair Kiernan
     HenryRon Butler/Dave Schroeder
     MeyerDaniel Taylor/Adam Ross
     EricDave Schroeder/Ron Zukowski