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Meet the Cast : Paige Steadman

With a little over 2 weeks left until Dragon Con festivities begin, ARTC introduces another dedicated volunteer and performer of our company.

This week, ARTC highlights:

Paige Steadman

Paige Steadman

Paige is a professional actor and musician. She works with The Academy Theatre and Laughing Matters, teaches at The Good Studio, and loves performing with ARTC. In her free time, she writes plays and musicals. She thanks her family, her mentors, her husband, and her purring cats.

If you’re attending Dragon Con 2015, you’ll have the chance to see Paige Steadman bring her talents to the role of Elizabeth in our adaptation of the fan favorite, The Passion of Frankenstein!

Breaking News! ARTC special live D-Con Performance








The Original Captain Marvel
Fawcett Publications, 1940-1953

DC Comics, 1973-1986



ARTC announces their live performance of 4 selections from the 1940’s Captain Marvel comics at Dragon Con 2015. The DC Comic Track will host ARTC Saturday evening at 8:30pm in International North located at the Hyatt hotel. These classic favorites will be brought to life with live dramatic reading and live foley sound effects. The cast will be small but powerful with a team of actors playing many different roles and parts throughout the adventure. Put it on your calendars, this is one performance you won’t want to miss!


Captain Marvel                                  Adam Ross
Billy Batson                                       Paige Steadman
Joan Jameson                                  Ashley Harp
Princess Rajabuti                            Laura Corliss
Dr. Sivana                                           Joe Ravenson
Mr. Mind                                               Matt Goodson

The Passion of Frankenstein part 4 of 5

Size: 10.5M Duration: 17:53

We’re back with another podcast, and this time we’re coming back to the studio production of The Passion of Frankenstein. Remember, you can get this production in all its glory, with CD quality sound instead of the heavy compression we put on the podcast tracks, right here!

Also, just like the last time we used the studio production, we have no photos from that show, so we’re bringing you more from the LibertyCon show.

The LibertyCon cast for Frankenstein!

The LibertyCon cast for Frankenstein!

Matt Goodson

Matt Goodson as Dr. Victor Frankenstein. Where did he get his PhD, anyway?

Foley for Frankenstein

The best Foley team in all of existence. In this case it’s real FrankenFoley!

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Meet the Cast : Daniel W. Kiernan

With only 24 days to go until Dragon Con, ARTC introduces another dedicated volunteer and performer of our company.

This week, ARTC highlights:

Daniel W. Kiernan

Daniel Kiernan

If you’re attending Dragon Con 2015, you’ll have the chance to see Daniel Kiernan bring his talents to the role of Johnny Raven in our newest release and award winning episode, Blues for Johnny Raven, Episode One: The Ambiance Man.

Thoughts from Daniel on his work over the years:

Now: “I played many different roles in ARTC from Skip Saigon, to Fred Bumper to Johnny Raven and the Monster.”

Then: “Before ARTC I was a performer with MRAP and was known as Great Caesars Ghost, Batman and The Dark Fruit bat.”

Catch a sneak peak of Daniel Kiernan rehearsing for the role of The Monster from The Passion on Frankenstein for our 2015 LibertyCon performance here!


Meet the Cast – Dave Schroeder

As ARTC counts down to our live performances at DragonCon 2015, we are encouraged to tell you more about the talented people who help bring our stories to life!

This week, ARTC highlights:

Dave Schroeder

dave shr.

Dave is a long time ARTC artist & board member.

Now : Dave Schroeder is a retired Chief Information Officer and aspiring novelist from Grayson, Georgia, who loves being part of ARTC as a voice actor, playwright and board member. In May, after retiring from the business world, he published Xenotech Rising, a science fiction humor novel about supporting alien technology after Earth’s been invited to join the Galactic Free Trade Association. It’s getting five star reviews on Amazon and Dave is now busy writing the second book in the series, Xenotech Queen’s Gambit.

Currently, Dave lives in suburban Atlanta with his highly supportive wife, talented daughter—also an ARTC member, and three cats, though only one of the family felines pays him any attention when it’s not feeding time.

Then: After working as an I.T. executive in the early days of the web and experiencing the absurdity of the dotcom boom first hand, Dave wrote the books, lyrics and music for, a light-hearted musical about two clueless guys trying to create a fashion web site. Putting on stage off-off-Broadway in New York in 2004 was one of Dave’s most memorable experiences. His favorite thing is the world is to hear people laugh when they read, watch or hear things he’s written.

Find out more about Dave Schroeder here.