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Breaking News! ARTC special live D-Con Performance








The Original Captain Marvel
Fawcett Publications, 1940-1953

DC Comics, 1973-1986



ARTC announces their live performance of 4 selections from the 1940’s Captain Marvel comics at Dragon Con 2015. The DC Comic Track will host ARTC Saturday evening at 8:30pm in International North located at the Hyatt hotel. These classic favorites will be brought to life with live dramatic reading and live foley sound effects. The cast will be small but powerful with a team of actors playing many different roles and parts throughout the adventure. Put it on your calendars, this is one performance you won’t want to miss!


Captain Marvel                                  Adam Ross
Billy Batson                                       Paige Steadman
Joan Jameson                                  Ashley Harp
Princess Rajabuti                            Laura Corliss
Dr. Sivana                                           Joe Ravenson
Mr. Mind                                               Matt Goodson