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Meet the Cast – Dave Schroeder

As ARTC counts down to our live performances at DragonCon 2015, we are encouraged to tell you more about the talented people who help bring our stories to life!

This week, ARTC highlights:

Dave Schroeder

dave shr.

Dave is a long time ARTC artist & board member.

Now : Dave Schroeder is a retired Chief Information Officer and aspiring novelist from Grayson, Georgia, who loves being part of ARTC as a voice actor, playwright and board member. In May, after retiring from the business world, he published Xenotech Rising, a science fiction humor novel about supporting alien technology after Earth’s been invited to join the Galactic Free Trade Association. It’s getting five star reviews on Amazon and Dave is now busy writing the second book in the series, Xenotech Queen’s Gambit.

Currently, Dave lives in suburban Atlanta with his highly supportive wife, talented daughter—also an ARTC member, and three cats, though only one of the family felines pays him any attention when it’s not feeding time.

Then: After working as an I.T. executive in the early days of the web and experiencing the absurdity of the dotcom boom first hand, Dave wrote the books, lyrics and music for, a light-hearted musical about two clueless guys trying to create a fashion web site. Putting on stage off-off-Broadway in New York in 2004 was one of Dave’s most memorable experiences. His favorite thing is the world is to hear people laugh when they read, watch or hear things he’s written.

Find out more about Dave Schroeder here.