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Meet the Cast : Daniel W. Kiernan

With only 24 days to go until Dragon Con, ARTC introduces another dedicated volunteer and performer of our company.

This week, ARTC highlights:

Daniel W. Kiernan

Daniel Kiernan

If you’re attending Dragon Con 2015, you’ll have the chance to see Daniel Kiernan bring his talents to the role of Johnny Raven in our newest release and award winning episode, Blues for Johnny Raven, Episode One: The Ambiance Man.

Thoughts from Daniel on his work over the years:

Now: “I played many different roles in ARTC from Skip Saigon, to Fred Bumper to Johnny Raven and the Monster.”

Then:¬†“Before ARTC I was a performer with MRAP and was known as Great Caesars Ghost, Batman and The Dark Fruit bat.”

Catch a sneak peak of Daniel Kiernan rehearsing for the role of The Monster from The Passion on Frankenstein for our 2015 LibertyCon performance here!