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Centauri Express, V02 Issue04 – Dash Cardigan 04

…and I’m back! Back from that road trip I mentioned last month at any rate. Hope everyone enjoyed the audio samples!

This month we’re bringing you episode 4 of Dash Cardian: The Challenge of the Basilisk and a short segment from a panel discussion on acting for audio from LibertyCon 2016. We’re also bringing you short show notes because I’m heading back out on the road again from 11/5-11/16, so I’m getting this podcast scheduled before I leave…along with several other things that have to get done. This trip is for an arts marketing conference so I can learn some new ways to get more folks to listen!

If you’d like to help with that, just tell your friends about the Express, Dash Cardigan, ARTC, and audio drama in general! Thanks!