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Brad Strickland

Head Writer, Actor
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Brad Strickland is the Head Writer of ARTC. Born in New Holland, GA, Brad received his Ph.D. in English from the University of Georgia and recently retired as a full Professor of English from the University of North Georgia.

Thomas E. Fuller introduced Brad to ARTC when he asked to adapt Brad’s short story “A Glitch in Time” for audio. Brad agreed, and soon he was collaborating with Tom on both audio plays and novels. He became an audio actor when a script required a barking dog and went on to play an English dragon who also was a valet. Eventually ARTC trusted him with human roles.

Brad has written more than eighty published novels (with a few nonfiction books sprinkled in). Together with Tom Fuller, he collaborated on a good many audio plays, a dozen novels about Wishbone, PBS’s literature-loving Jack Russell Terrier, six books of science-fiction and pirate adventures, two mystery novels, and a novel adaptation of Fuller’s drama The Dancer in the Dark.

Brad and his wife Barbara are the parents of Amy Strickland Sweeney (Head Puppeteer for Atlanta’s Center for Puppetry Arts) and Jonathan Strickland (Lead writer for and star of the Internet podcast FW:Thinking). Brad and Barbara live in Snellville, GA, where they enjoy reading, occasional travel, and spending time with their grand-daughter, Tim and Amy Sweeney’s beautiful daughter Elora. Oh, and with Tybalt, who is Jonathan’s and Rebecca’s irresistible puppy.