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Atlanta Radio Theatre Company is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. We subsist primarily on sales of our studio productions through mail order, live performances, and by download at and We also receive donations from folks who enjoy audio drama and want us to be able to produce more of it. Already have the complete catalog? Help fund our next production with a donation!

Here’s a list of people who have already done so!

Want to sponsor ARTC?

ARTC has a number of outlets to help your business increase exposure and gather more of a following. Our monthly podcast, newsletter, website, and live performances throughout the year will give you access to intelligent, cultured listeners, many of whom have been with us for many  years!

Realize the benefits of public goodwill through sponsoring a non-profit organization! Contact us for more details about how we can help you!

Where does your money go?

Straight back into ARTC! We use money from sales, donations, and sponsorships to fund the purchase of equipment, to pay select members on a per-project basis, and to pay rental fees at select venues. We also hope to have an actual employee one day!

So consider making a donation or sponsoring us! As a 501(c)(3), your donations are tax-deductible and really help us to continue bringing you the audio drama you love. Thanks in advance and remember, there is adventure in sound!

Here are some great ways YOU can help us out!

This one is our favorite. Support the publication of ARTC’s Podcast (and by extension the entire company) by using Patreon! Here’s how it works: Set your level of support (we’ve created several tiers so you should be able to find something comfortable for your budget) and then we get paid every time we publish an episode.  The podcast publishes monthly at the moment, but with your support we can expand! Worried about going over budget?  No worries!  You can set a maximum.

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Another great way to give! Just go to to do your shopping, choose Atlanta Radio Theatre Company from the approved list of charities, and we’ll get .05% of whatever you spend and it costs you nothing. Gonna buy it from Amazon anyway? Send some of it our way!

Here’s more info about how it works.

Want to make a one-time donation with a credit card? Donate via PayPal!

Rent ARTC Studio

Got a project you’re itching to get recorded? Whether it’s VO or music, ARTC Studio has you covered. Check out this page for more details and then contact us to discuss our reasonable rates!