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  • Thu

    Dragon Con

    Downtown Atlanta!


    ARTC returns to the biggest convention of its kind in the southeast with more audio drama!

    Our biggest shows of the year and we're bringing our best, as befits the great audiences we get at this tremendous convention.ARTC-DC15

    Here's the schedule as we have it. Watch for changes - after all, this is being presented in CST (Convention Standard Time):

    Friday, September 4, 7:00pm
    Blues for Johnny Raven, Episode One: The Ambiance Man by Thomas E. Fuller
    A noir like you've never heard before! Join Private Detective Johnny Raven as he investigates who is trying to kill Gloria Kinsolving. Is it notorious ambiance dealer Lorenzo Gold? Or is there some other sinister force at work?

    Also at this performance, Rory Rammer, Space Marshal: Queen of the Spaceways by Ron N. Butler.
    Terrorists are targeting commercial spaceliners! Can Rory, Skip, and special agent Michiko Sakai find the culprits?

    Saturday, September 5, 8:30pm
    Readings from Captain Marvel as part of the Comics Track, adapted by Daniel Taylor
    Not a fully soundscaped performance, but dramatic readings with live Foley effects celebrating the long history of the character more commonly known as SHAZAM!

    Sunday, September 6, 7:00pm
    The Passion of Frankenstein by Thomas E. Fuller
    Schloss Frankenstein is haunted by a monster. Through countless movies and one immortal book he has stalked its halls and hidden passages, and the Hero has always arisen to save the Maiden from the Monster's misdirected love. But darkness can hide heroes, and monsters and walk in the light, and sometimes not even the maiden can tell them apart.
    We've performed this several times this summer, but this performance will feature music by The Ghosts Project. So if you heard it before, come hear it again for the first time!

    Monday, September 7, 1:00pm
    Readings from Bored of the Rings as part of the Tolkien Track, adapted by Matt Gwaltney
    Not a fully soundscaped performance, but dramatic readings from this classic parody of the even more classic novels by J. R. R. Tolkien.