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ARTC is proud to be one of the few audio theatre companies in America that performs live regularly. In fact, our live performances often outpace our ability to get the material into the studio!

In the meantime, they spice up those live performances and give audiences a taste of what the glory days of radio were like. Over the years we’ve developed dozens of recurring characters we’ve grown to love, and our fans have come to expect. Click on the links for some background information on these live performance favorites that are finally seeing the inside of a studio!

Rory Rammer, Space Marshal

Rory-estoreCome away with us now, to the far-off future days of 1985 A.D., after men have landed on the Moon, when Space Marshal Rory Rammer and his sidekick “Skip” Sagan guard the rule of law and the rights of the innocent “From the Skies of Earth to the Orbit of the Moon!”  Created by Ron N. Butler.

Thrill to the heroic Marshal as he negotiates with the Green Indians on Mars, deals with the summoning of an Elder God, matches wits with the Space “Privateer” Rex Gorbachev, and much more in a series that has quickly become a fan-favorite at our convention performances!

Created and written by Ron N. Butler.

Bumpers Crossroads

“Home” is a state of mind. You either have it, with you, wherever you are, or you don’t. It’s not a place you go; it’s a thing you make.  Created by Daniel Taylor.

Unresolved Mysteries: Solved While U Wait

Stranger than truth, wilder than imagination, and a few pickles short of a barrel: Join intrepid journalists Daniel Kiernan, Clair Whitworth Kiernan, and Randy Zwinge in ARTC’s continuing series, “Unresolved Mysteries: Solved While U Wait.”  Created by Ron N. Butler.

Dr. Geoffry Stanhope: Investigator of Occult Phenomena

Holmes and Watson meet Mulder and Scully when Dr. Geoffry Stanhope and Colonel Horatio Fitzwilliams, British India Army (Ret.) travel the world and come up against some unusual circumstances. Created by Thomas E. Fuller.

Dash-Cardigan-webDash Cardigan

James Thomas Brudenell. Lord Cardigan. Leader of the legendary Charge of the Light Brigade. But forget all that.

The year is 3157 and humanity has explored the farthest reachest of the galaxy, their expansion stopped only by a vast empire known only as The Dark. In an attempt to save themselves, Earth Central uses the temporal grapple to attempt to retrieve Lord Cardigan from the Dawn Ages to lead them to triumph. But a malfunction leaves them with Dash Cardigan, unemployed actor, as their only hope against the seductive Delayna Delyn and menacing threat of The Basilisk!

Dash Cardigan is presented as a 1-hour standalone adventure and as a 13-part expanded serial! Written by Thomas E. Fuller.

The Adventures of the Crimson Hawk

Evil rules the night, but it does not rule supreme! Beware, evildoers, of the light of justice and the talons of the Crimson Hawk! Join us as America’s Dark Avenger of the Night, the Crimson Hawk, does battle against evil.

Haunting the streets of St. Meridian by night and playing the role of millionaire playboy William Montgomery Becker III by day, the Crimson Hawk opposes those who would prey on the innocent. With the help of his faithful chauffeur Philby Whistle, Assistant District Attorney Leslie Kildare, and Lieutenant Matthew Harrison Comstock, he goes against The Apparatus, the organized crime syndicate in the city, and The Legion of Darkness, a fascist organization bent on subverting America.

Created by Thomas E. Fuller

The Brotherhood of Damn Sassy Mutants

They tried the “hero thing” for a month before it became too much of a hassle. They haven’t fought crime in two years. Join these meta-humans without a mission as they endure trials and tribulations – losing a teammate, the revenge of a vanquished foe, the heartbreak of a love gone bad, and much more!

These performances are at least a PG-13. TV-MA for television. And if you like Manga they’re 16 plus happy, happy, go-go chibi-otaku-fun dance party.

Created by Sketch MacQuinor.

Mildly Exciting Tales of Astonishment

Superheroes.  They bravely take up the task of defending the hopeless against terrible threats and ingenious foes.  They don’t bat an eye at a cosmic vortex threatening the Earth.  They don’t flinch a muscle at an oncoming invasion of creatures from another dimension.  Their hearts skip not so much as a beat at the sound of a supervillain’s battle cry.  They seemingly can handle anything.

There are some situations, however, that plague mankind that even superheroes must face with trepidation, and cause even the greatest champions of justice to quiver in their knee-high brightly-hued boots.  Join us for Mildly Exciting Tales of Astonishment as we explore the superhuman versus the greatest obstacle possible: the mundane!

Created by Jonathan Strickland.

Nairobi Jack Rackham

Africa. Vast, diverse, a treasure house of wonders and mysteries beyond understanding or comprehension. Great savannas and veldts, grasslands like living seas, stretching from the eye to infinity. Dark lush jungles, fed by deep green rivers, heavy with life – and with death. The Great European Powers, secure in their guns and armies, carved it up into neat little spheres of influence, into protectorates and colonies, splashing-the maps with colors of their own. They built their cities, pale imitations of home, and drove their roads and railways like spears through the heart of a continent. It was a time of Heroes, white heroes and black heroes, and of adventurers. Africa, mysterious, mystical Africa, has always been kind to Adventurers.

Join Nairobi Jack Rackham and his trusty sidekick Dusty Jim Slayback as they go up against Bwana Barney Carter in their search for the Lost Gold of the Atlantimengani!

Created and written by Thomas E. Fuller.

Ragnar-digitalThe Challenges of Brave Ragnar

The tale of a knight on a quest for his heart’s desire, and his struggles to surmount the perils of a fantastic landscape.

Our hero comes before his sovereign to ask for the hand of the Princess. The Queen agrees to consider his suit, on the condition that he meet three challenges. 1) He must retrieve the diamond crown of the Giant of Mortaclock Mountain, 2) He must retrieve the silver goblet from the Countess of Benzinar, who feeds ill-mannered visitors to a flesh-eating sea monster, and 3) he must decapitate the serpent-headed Changeling of Orengold Castle.

He sets out and shortly meets a young woman carrying a book: Are You the Hero or Simply an Extra? Being a Compendium of the Rules, Guidelines, and Conventions of Navigating a Fantastic Landscape – which this is.

Can Brave Ragnar meet his challenges and win the hand of the princess? What else might happen along the way? And will he want to burn that darn book? Find out in our 1-hour standalone adventure or in the 13-part expanded serial!

Created and written by Kelley S. Ceccato.

More series and serials – information coming soon!

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