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Rory Rammer, Space Marshal

Silver Star 1 diagramWatch out, Rocky Jones!

Move over, Tom Corbett!
Buzz — who?

It’s time for Rory Rammer, Space Marshal!

“Come away with us now, to the far-off future days of 1985 A.D., after men have landed on the Moon, when Space Marshal Rory Rammer and his sidekick “Skip” Sagan guard the rule of law and the rights of the innocent–

“From the Skies of Earth to the Orbit of the Moon!”

So opens every episode of “Rory Rammer, Space Marshal”, created and written by Ron Butler. Rory is our loving tribute to fifties science-fiction and the way we thought the future would be.

We’ve found a way to include the good Marshal and his earnest Cadet in almost every venue we’ve played, from Necronomicon to Decatur Arts Festival to DramaTech to our lamented Coffeehouse series to Dragon*Con, where they have found their largest and most appreciative audiences.

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