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Blues for Johnny Raven

Available on CD by mail order and at our live performances!

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1 CD, approximately 64 minutes

Preview Blues for Johnny Raven

Private Detective Johnny Raven has a unique perspective. Living on The Loop will do that to you. And what's The Loop? It's a world. A world of sound and narration. A world where the ultimate currency is Ambiance and the ultimate fear is being left in the Background.

Singer Gloria Kinsolving needs help. She thinks someone is trying to kill her. Can Johnny Raven protect her from notorious Ambiance dealer Lorenzo Gold and his fearsome bodyguard, Prowse? Will Benny the Gospel provide the critical clue? And what makes Raven so much better at his job than other detectives?

Featuring Daniel W. Kiernan as Johnny Raven, Fiona K. Leonard as Gloria Kinsolving, Brad Strickland as Benny the Gospel, William L. Brown as Lorenzo Gold, and David Benedict as Prowse.

The CD also includes A Glitch in Time by Brad Strickland.

Time machines are uncomplicated things. In hundreds of science fiction stories they have slipped defiantly into the past or slid silently into the future. You know where you are with a time machine. They go forward. They go back. Unless you get caught in a loop.

Then you have a problem. Then you're repeating the same day over and over again. But you're a resourceful kind of guy, you figure out a way to break the loop. It's going to take a little time, but you figure time is the one thing you can afford to lose. Then you discover time machines don't always go forward and back.

Sometimes they go sideways.

Price: $10.00

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