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The Passion of Frankenstein – LIVE

Logo for The Ghosts ProjectPerformed live at Dragon Con, Sunday, September 6, 2015, with music by The Ghosts Project

Schloss Frankenstein is haunted by a Monster. Through countless movies and one immortal book, he has stalked its halls and hidden passages. And the Hero has always arisen to protect the Maiden from the Monster's misdirected love.

But Darkness can hide Heros and Monsters can walk in the Light.

And sometimes not even the Maiden can tell them apart.

This LIVE production was performed at Dragon Con 2015 and featured the voices of Matt Goodson as Victor, Paige Steadman as Elizabeth, Kelley S. Ceccato as Constanza, Ron N Butler as Henry, Daniel Taylor as Meyer, and David Benedict as the Monster.

Written by Thomas E Fuller; produced by David Benedict; soundscaped by David Benedict; directed by William Alan Ritch. Music by The Ghosts Project.

Price: $8.00

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