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Rory Rammer, Space Marshal: Volume 1

Available on CD by mail order and at our live performances!

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Preview Rory Rammer, Space Marshal: Volume 1: 

Come away with us now to the far off future days of 1985 AD, after men have landed on the moon! When Space Marshal Rory Rammer, and his sidekick, "Skip" Sagan, guard the rule of law and the rights of the innocent from the skies of Earth to the orbit of the moon! A longtime fan favorite series comes to CD with five thrilling episodes. Hear our intrepid Marshal and his eager young Cadet as they navigate the inner solar system in their rocket ship, the "Silver Star," matching wits with space pirates, a mad French scientist, a bloodsucking alien from beyond our galaxy, an asteroid miner, and ... a television production company.

Featuring the voices of David Benedict as Rory Rammer, Jack Mayfield as "Skip" Sagan, and Phil Carter as the Announcer.

Also heard in individual episodes were the voices of Daniel Taylor, Dena Friedman Williams, Julian Draven, Thomas E. Fuller, Clair W. Kiernan, Daniel W. Kiernan, Bill Jackson, Tess Conway, Joyce Leigh, Jonathan Strickland, Bill Ritch, Caran Wilbanks, Karen Barrett, Terry Sanders, Alton Leonard, Trudy Leonard, and Fiona K. Leonard.

Written and created by Ron N. Butler.  Produced by David Benedict.  Directed by Ron N. Butler.  Editing, Mixing, and Foley Sound Effects by David Benedict.  Music by Brad Weage.  Recording engineering by Henry Howard at Audio Craft Studio.

This CD contains the following classic missions:
  • "The Phantom Menace": Captain Cosmos, Space Pirate, is waylaying spaceships all over the inner Solar System in his sinister, invisible battlecruiser. But is that any way to make a living?
  • "The Island of Dr. Marceau": Investigating a terrorist extortion plot on Venus, Rory and Skip are kidnapped and brought before the shadowy figure behind the scheme: mad geneticist Renée Marceau.
  • "The Last Vampire": Recovering an object plunging in from deep space, Rory and Skip, with Prof. Feynman and his daughter, find it is the last survivor of a race of alien vampires.
  • "The Planetoid of Doom": Rory and Skip, with the help of a robotic deputy, must stop an asteroid miner who wants to cut out the "mining" step of getting his ore to Earth -- by nudging the whole asteroid towards Earth with a hydrogen bomb!
  • "The Lance of Justice": Rory and Skip are assigned by the Undersecretary for Stratospheric Affairs to act as technical advisers for a new TV show: "Lance Thruster, Rocket Ranger!"

Price: $10.00

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