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The Happy Man

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Capital punishment is a terrible thing, they say. It reduces the State to the same level as the Criminal, they say. It must be replaced with something humane, they say. But who is to say what is humane and what isn't and if the Convicted had a choice, which would they choose?

A man is running, running through the woods, avoiding cities, avoiding his fellow man, running, running. He's running from the authorities, from his crimes, from an entire world. And most of all he is running from himself and the logically frightening and humane punishment that waits for him if he stops.

Featuring the voices of Jenny Gettys, William Jackson, Lee Millman, Rick Rogers and Patrick Stansbury.

Story and dramatization by Gerald W. Page. Produced and soundscaped by Henry Howard. Directed by William L Brown.

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Featuring the voices of Berl Boykin, Joyce Leigh, Brad Linaweaver, Rick Rogers and Brad Strickland. Story by Brad Linaweaver, adapted for audio by William Alan Ritch. Produced and soundscaped by Henry Howard. Directed by Thomas E Fuller.

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