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All Hallows’ Moon

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Mark Time Award logoAward winner! - The Mark Time Award -  The Silver Ogle Award for Best Original Story and Production, 1998

The setting is the Old West: Mother Lode, New Mexico. A handful of people -- drovers, saloon girls, barkeep, preacher and sheriff -- wait in a saloon on a stormy Hallowe'en night. They wait for the dawn, when they will go their separate ways, and Mother Lode will truly become a ghost town.

But the storm brings the unexpected arrival of a girl who might or might not be from Boston, a gun fighter who might or might not be dead, and a gambler who might or might not be the Devil.

Featuring the voices of Bill Jackson, Dena Friedman, Trudy Leonard, Thomas E Fuller, Ron Butler, Daniel Whitworth Kiernan, Keith Hartman, Doug Kaye, Fiona K Leonard, and William L Brown.

Produced and soundscaped by Henry Howard, William Alan Ritch and Cris Foley. Live foley sound effects by Daniel Taylor, J A Jackson and Clair Whitworth Kiernan. Music by Alton Leonard. Directed by Doug Kaye.

All Hallows' Moon was recorded as it was broadcast, live, on Hallowe'en 1996 by Peach State Public Radio.

Winner of the 1998 Ogle Award, Silver, for Horror-Fantasy Audio Production, by the Mark Time Awards.

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