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Live performances As one of the few audio theatres to perform live, we’ve amassed a large catalog of performances, some so good we couldn’t keep them to ourselves. Listen to the excitement of live theatre! CDs available by mail order through this site, downloads available through our affiliates!

The Weapons Shop

The classic short story by A. E. van Vogt that tells of the fabled Weapons Shops! A mysterious company that gives citizens the means to protect themselves – from all threats!

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The Right to Buy Weapons

is the Right to be Free!

That is the revolutionary motto of The Weapons Shops – the mysterious and technologically advanced company that seeks to supply individuals of the Empire of Isher with the power to defend themselves against aggressors of all kinds – criminal and governmental. Brad Linaweaver’s adaptation of A. E. van Vogt’s classic short story “The Weapons Shop” brings its political and personal drama to life for this live performance. ARTC is joined in this performance by the star of both series of Battlestar Galactica, Richard Hatch! Performed LIVE at Dragon Con 2005! With introductions by Brad Linaweaver and Lydia van Vogt!
This production of the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company is in association with Chuck Hammill’s Singularity Project.

Price: $7.00

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The Passion of Frankenstein – LIVE

Logo for The Ghosts ProjectPerformed live at Dragon Con, Sunday, September 6, 2015, with music by The Ghosts Project

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Schloss Frankenstein is haunted by a Monster. Through countless movies and one immortal book, he has stalked its halls and hidden passages. And the Hero has always arisen to protect the Maiden from the Monster’s misdirected love.

But Darkness can hide Heros and Monsters can walk in the Light.

And sometimes not even the Maiden can tell them apart.

This LIVE production was performed at Dragon Con 2015 and featured the voices of Matt Goodson as Victor, Paige Steadman as Elizabeth, Kelley S. Ceccato as Constanza, Ron N Butler as Henry, Daniel Taylor as Meyer, and David Benedict as the Monster.

Written by Thomas E Fuller; produced by David Benedict; soundscaped by David Benedict; directed by William Alan Ritch. Music by The Ghosts Project.

Price: $8.00

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The Island of Dr. Moreau – LIVE

The Ghosts Project logoPerformed live at the Academy Theatre October 2010, with music by The Ghosts Project!

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Moreau, misunderstood and hounded by the London medical community, retreats to a Pacific island to continue his experiments. The goal: Nothing less than to surgically rebuild animals into the shape of men — and to teach them the meaning of humanity.

What is the law? Not to eat flesh or fish, that is the law; are we not men? What is the law? Not to chase other men, that is the law; are we not men?

As castaway Edward Prendick learns, Moreau is a feared, wrathful “god” to his beastmen. And in comparing Moreau to his lumbering, gentle servant M’Ling, it is sometimes difficult to tell which is the man, and which is the beast.

Wells’ classic shocker raises the question of what it means to be human. “Pain… is such a little thing…”

Herbert George Wells is perhaps best known for his groundbreaking science fiction (The Time Machine) and social commentary (The Shape of Things to Come), but his place in horror fiction is assured by the novella The Island of Doctor Moreau. Edward Prendick is adrift on a weathered lifeboat when he is rescued, reluctantly, by Dr Moreau. Moreau is returning to his remote island laboratory with a shipload of animals, source material for his greatest challenge; surgically rebuilding animals into human form. To Prendick’s astonishment and horror, Moreau is well along in his work, and the beast-men are already displaying intelligence and language skills. “Are we not men?” reads the beast-men’s catechism, and the answer is not obvious.

Featuring the voices of Hal Wiedeman as Dr Moreau, Brian Troxell as Edward Prendick, Ron N. Butler as Montgomery, J. E. Hurlburt as M’ling, and Daniel Taylor as the Sayer of the Law.

Also appearing are Clair W. Kiernan, Fiona K. Leonard, Daniel W. Kiernan, Trudy Leonard, Andrew Chiang, Naaman Taylor, Kelley S. Ceccato, Tammie Hood, Mary Buchanan, and Paul Patterson.

Adapted by Thomas E Fuller. Directed by William Alan Ritch. Original score composed and performed by The Ghosts Project, Paul Mercer and Davis Petterson with Alton Leonard. Foley effects by Sonya Arundar and Mary Ward with David Benedict. Produced by David Benedict and soundscaped by William Alan Ritch. Audio engineering by Bob Zimmerman. Post-production by Bob Zimmerman and Grayson Bergmann.

Price: $5.00

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Sleepy Hollow: The Ride Across America

Available exclusively on CD-R by mail order or at our live performances!

CD-R contains 4 MP3 files.  Total playing time roughly 4 hours!

Or get The Horseman of the Hollow by Kelley S. Ceccato, ARTC’s contribution to the Ride, by itself by download at Bandcamp logo!

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Washington Irving’s classic American story told in four very different ways as the Headless Horseman rides relentlessly across the ages.

Beginning in Boston with the original tale. Moving to the Deep South in Atlanta. Striking out West to Ada, Oklahoma. The end of the ride in Seattle.

An unprecedented collaboration between audio dramatists nationwide, Sleepy Hollow, The Ride Across America features a cascading timeline beginning with the original timeless tale and culminating in a present-day telling on the west coast.

Featuring content from the following audio drama companies:
Post-Meridian Radio Players
Atlanta Radio Theatre Company
Ancient Radio Players
Seattle Radio Theater

cover illustration by Gilly Rosenthol

The Horseman of the Hollow was written by Kelley S. Ceccato, Directed by William Alan Ritch, and Produced by Patti Ward. Featured in the cast were the voices of Ariel K. Stewart, Clair W. Kiernan, Daniel W. Kiernan, Kelley S. Ceccato, Crystal Noll, Cass Gill, James Holliday, J. E. Hurlburt, and Hal Wiedeman as Zachary Thorpe.

Live Foley sound effects created by Mary Ward, Lili Bilbao, and Sonya Arundar. Audio engineering by Bob Zimmerman, William Alan Ritch, and Aimee Harris. Music arranged by Alton Leonard and performed by Alton Leonard and DJ Betsill. The backstage manager was Brian Troxell.

Price: $10.00

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The Rats in the Walls – LIVE

The Ghosts Project logoPerformed live at the Academy Theatre October 2012, with music by The Ghosts Project!


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Delapore. A name with a history. A history of unspeakable atrocity; a history of black arts; a history of hatred, and terror. Delapore. It’s just a name, now. In this case, it is the name of a man returning to England to reclaim the lands of his family. The name of a man who knows the skeletons in his family’s closet — or so he thinks. Delapore. Surely it is possible to outlive the past. Surely it is possible to outrun one’s ancestors, to outrun history — to outrun fate. Surely a man’s destiny lies in his own hands, and not in the misdeeds of men a hundred generations dead. Beware, England. The last Delapore has come home.

Price: $8.00

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At the Mountains of Madness – LIVE

Available on CD by mail order or at our live performances or by download at Bandcamp logo!

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In H. P. Lovecraft’s classic horror story, an old man consents to a radio interview in which a number of terrible truths come out…

The truth about an expedition to Antarctica in the 1920s where everyone died horribly. The truth about a desolate plateau in the heart of a frozen continent. The truth about life and intelligence on the planet Earth.

And the truth about the prehistoric horror that waits lurking… at the Mountains of Madness.

Performed LIVE at Dragon*Con, September 5, 2010.

Written by H. P. Lovecraft, adapted for audio by Brad Strickland

Featured in the cast were the voices of Alton Leonard, Kelley S. Ceccato, Andrew Chiang, David Benedict, Daniel W. Kiernan, Ron Zukowski, Ethan Hurlburt, Trudy Leonard, Fiona K. Leonard, and Clair W. Kiernan.

Live Foley sound effects created by Lili Bilbao, Sonya Arundar, and Mary Cecilia Ward. Recorded effects performed by Rachel Bowman. Audio engineering by Bob Zimmerman and David Carter. Produced by David Benedict, directed by William Alan Ritch

Music by The Ghosts Project, Paul Mercer and Davis Petterson!Logo for The Ghosts Project

Price: $10.00

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