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Sleepy Hollow: The Ride Across America

Available exclusively on CD-R by mail order or at our live performances!

CD-R contains 4 MP3 files.  Total playing time roughly 4 hours!

Or get The Horseman of the Hollow by Kelley S. Ceccato, ARTC's contribution to the Ride, by itself by download at Bandcamp logo!

Washington Irving’s classic American story told in four very different ways as the Headless Horseman rides relentlessly across the ages.

Beginning in Boston with the original tale. Moving to the Deep South in Atlanta. Striking out West to Ada, Oklahoma. The end of the ride in Seattle.

An unprecedented collaboration between audio dramatists nationwide, Sleepy Hollow, The Ride Across America features a cascading timeline beginning with the original timeless tale and culminating in a present-day telling on the west coast.

Featuring content from the following audio drama companies:
Post-Meridian Radio Players
Atlanta Radio Theatre Company
Ancient Radio Players
Seattle Radio Theater

cover illustration by Gilly Rosenthol

The Horseman of the Hollow was written by Kelley S. Ceccato, Directed by William Alan Ritch, and Produced by Patti Ward. Featured in the cast were the voices of Ariel K. Stewart, Clair W. Kiernan, Daniel W. Kiernan, Kelley S. Ceccato, Crystal Noll, Cass Gill, James Holliday, J. E. Hurlburt, and Hal Wiedeman as Zachary Thorpe.

Live Foley sound effects created by Mary Ward, Lili Bilbao, and Sonya Arundar. Audio engineering by Bob Zimmerman, William Alan Ritch, and Aimee Harris. Music arranged by Alton Leonard and performed by Alton Leonard and DJ Betsill. The backstage manager was Brian Troxell.

Price: $10.00

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