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At the Mountains of Madness

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In H P Lovecraft's classic horror story, an old man consents to a radio interview. In that interview a number of terrible truths come out.

The truth about an expedition to Antarctica in the 1920's where everyone died horribly. The truth about an attempt to find the expedition's mysterious killers. The truth about a desolate plateau in the heart of a frozen continent. The truth about life and intelligence on the planet Earth.

And the truth about the prehistoric horror that still waits lurking... At the Mountains of Madness.

Featuring the voices of Jerry Ahern, Thomas E Fuller, Gregory Nicoll, Brad Strickland, and Wendy Webb.

Adapted by Brad Strickland. Produced and soundscaped by Henry Howard at AudioCraft Studios. Directed by Thomas E Fuller. Originally produced live on stage at the 1992 World Horror Convention at Pine Mountain, Georgia.

Also (on the CD release only):

Hour of the Wolf
An adventure with Dr Geoffry Stanhope, Investigator of Occult Phenomena

If The X-Files starred Sherlock Holmes, it would look like this: Colonel Horatio Fitzwilliam, late of Her Majesty's Army, finds wonders beyond imagination as the sturdy companion of the perpetually bemused Doctor Geoffry Stanhope.

It was supposed to be a simple hiking tour of the Bavarian Alps. But something is hunting the hunters in the haunted Duchy of Augsbach, and it is up to Dr Stanhope and Colonel Fitzwilliams to find out what it is.

If it doesn't find them first.

Featuring the voices of Daniel Taylor as Dr Geoffry Stanhope, and Bill Jackson as Colonel Horatio Fitzwilliams. Also featuring Ron N Butler, Clair Whitworth Kiernan, and Daniel Whitworth Kiernan.

Music adapted and performed by Brad Weage. Produced and soundscaped by Henry Howard at AudioCraft Studio. Written and directed by Thomas E Fuller.

As broadcast on Hallowe'en 1997 on Peach State Public Radio, and performed live on stage at the Friends of Old-Time Radio Convention 1997.

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