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An unsettling customer approaches a rare-and-collectible book shop to inquire after the availability of the Necronomicon. Yes, the Necronomicon. The fact that the book is a fictional construct does not dissuade "Mr. Smith", so Danielle initiates a search through her network of collectors, dealers and sources. When one of those dealers actually locates a copy, Danielle's reality begins to chip around the edges -- leading to a confrontation that threatens to shatter it completely.

Featuring the voices of Fiona K Leonard, Bill Kronick, Ron N Butler and Doug Kaye. Also heard are Alton Leonard, Trudy Leonard, Daniel Whitworth Kiernan, Caran Wilbanks and Daniel Taylor.

Original story by Henry Lee Forrest; adapted for audio by Daniel Taylor. Directed by Thomas E Fuller. Produced by William Alan Ritch. Recorded at Audio Craft Studio.

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A Case of Abuse

A mother huddles fearfully in her living room with her sleeping son. All she wants is to be left alone with Kyle, but the DEA agents are at the door to protect him... from her.

A Case of Abuse featured the voices of William L. Brown, Karen Barrett, Bill Jackson, Doug Kaye, Clair Whitworth Kiernan, Trudy Leonard, and Brad Strickland.

Script by Ron N Butler. Produced and soundscaped by Henry Howard at Audio Craft Studio. Directed by Thomas E Fuller.

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