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The Dancer in the Dark

Available on CD by mail order and at our live performances!

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3 CDs, approximately 2.5 hours, presented in 5 parts.

Preview The Dancer in the Dark:

Cletius Tremaine, Professor Emeritus of Archaeology at Miskatonic University, has seen a number of very strange and frightening things. Yet for the most frightening he did not have to travel to the deserts of Africa or the lush jungles of Asia or even the lofty peaks of the Andes. For that he had to go to the lethargic little town of Blankenship, Georgia and the Malatowa Mounds.

Can his expertise with pre-historic myth cycles, his knowledge of the Cthulhu Archetype, and his studies of the Golderazig Codex help him unearth the secrets of the mysterious Dancer in the Dark?

Also available, the novelization of The Dancer in the Dark by Thomas E. Fuller and Brad Strickland.
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Price: $20.00

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