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Tales from the Dark River

Original storytelling The Dark River runs through the Southland, hungry for the Gulf. There will be stops along the way. But make sure you are in your cabin before nightfall. It’s just safer that way. Audio drama has its roots in classic storytelling. Here are a few of our favorite examples of this time-honored form of entertainment. CDs available by mail order through this site, downloads available through our affiliates!

Tales From the Dark River

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There is a river that flows through the misty landscape of imagination, seeping up through the rocky earth high in the Appalachian Mountains. It winds southward through the foothills and the piedmont: It tumbles past the fall line, widens and deepens, and then meanders across the coastal plain until it finally reaches the gulf of Mexico.

And all along its length the great river inspires stories to tease listeners into wonder, or send a shiver down their spines.

These are the tales from the Dark River.

For the first time, hear original stories created by Dark River Writers, Atlanta’s professional association of fantasy, horror, science fiction and mystery authors.

This collection is lovingly dedicated to the memory of Thomas E. Fuller, a longtime member of the group, and the one who gave us our name.

Tales From the Dark River is a co-production of Dark River Writers and the Atlanta Radio Theater Company. Written and performed by Dark River Writers; individual stories copyright 2003 by their respective authors. Introduced by Joyce Leigh. Produced and engineered by William Alan Ritch: Directed by Doug Kaye. Original music by Alton Leonard.
  1. In the Shadow Beneath the Trees, by Brad Strickland
  2. Bride of the River, by Lawrence Barker
  3. Big Black Cadillac, by G K Hayes
  4. River Child by Michael Anne Lee
  5. Father Daughter Dance by Ron N Butler
  6. Sin Eaters by Jolie Simmons
  7. One Tuesday Morning by Wendy Webb
  8. Where the River Runs Black by Robert Sommers
  9. The Crowded Graveyard by Doug Kaye

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