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Hey, everybody!

We want to thank everyone who has been so patient with us as we begin our 30th anniversary! We got the podcat out late, the newsletter is also going to be late, and…and…and…lots of stuff. But we’ve got a ton of great things planned for this landmark year, including the first productions to come out of the all new ARTC Studio, so our slow start shouldn’t be a deterrant to making this a banner year for New Old Time Radio!

One bit of housekeeping as we go forward – We’ve been getting a ton of spam registrations lately. We’re trying to stay on top of them, but if we accidentally delete a REAL account that you created, just drop us a line and we’ll be hugely apologetic and promise it’ll never happen again. And if anybody knows any WordPress plugins that let us approve accounts before they are allowed to register, that would help a lot as well.

As always, thanks for listening!

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Website news

The site’s been live less than a week and we’ve already had to delete a spam comment from the forums.  To combat this, we have just installed a new anti-spam plugin to the site, which is self-described as “fairly aggressive.”  While we are trying to eliminate spam, we definitely DO want to hear from our listeners.  If you’re having trouble registering or commenting because of the anti-spam measures we’re taking, contact us and let us know so we can take appropriate action.  Thanks!

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