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Centauri Express, V02 Issue04 – Dash Cardigan 04

…and I’m back! Back from that road trip I mentioned last month at any rate. Hope everyone enjoyed the audio samples!

This month we’re bringing you episode 4 of Dash Cardian: The Challenge of the Basilisk and a short segment from a panel discussion on acting for audio from LibertyCon 2016. We’re also bringing you short show notes because I’m heading back out on the road again from 11/5-11/16, so I’m getting this podcast scheduled before I leave…along with several other things that have to get done. This trip is for an arts marketing conference so I can learn some new ways to get more folks to listen!

If you’d like to help with that, just tell your friends about the Express, Dash Cardigan, ARTC, and audio drama in general! Thanks!

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Centauri Express, V02 Issue03 – Dash Cardigan 03

Sorry for the late podcast tonight, folks, but I’m on the road! Three weeks in an RV seeing the American southwest. Austin, Carlsbad Caverns, Roswell, Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, and Pike’s Peak! On the way home now, but had to get the podcast up…and that involved finding some decent wi-fi, which has been somewhat challenging on this trip.

On this issue of the Express, we bring you episode three of Dash Cardigan – Enter the Dark by Thomas E. Fuller.

Following that, we’ll have a short interview with Bill Holbrook regarding our recent adaptation and performance of his storyline from Kevin and Kell, The Great Bird Conspiracy at Dragon Con.

carlsbad-caverns01balloon-fill-albuquerque-balloon-fiesta01zion-national-park01And lastly, we’ll wrap things up with a special segment here on the Express. Here on the road there are lots of sounds and we’re bringing you just a few of them. A bit of insect life from an RV park in Austin, TX, some footsteps and cave swallows at Carlsbad Caverns, the filling of a hot air balloon (and surrounding crowd) at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, and a couple of hikers coming out of The Narrows at Zion National Park, dragging a wooden walking stick on a dirt-strewn concrete walkway.

If you enjoy these in-the-field segments, let us know and we’ll do more!

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Centauri Express, V02 Issue02 – Dash Cardigan 02

Thomas-E-FullerWelcome to the second issue of the Centauri Express! In this edition we continue Thomas E. Fuller‘s Dash Cardigan with episode 2, Earth Central Needs You. We also continue the panel discussion from Sci Fi Summer in 2016 with William Brown, Bill Ritch, and Anthony Fuller.

If you’re enjoying the Express, be sure to leave a review wherever you found us and a little bit of support on Patreon would be much appreciated.

And don’t forget, we’re accepting submissions for the Express in the form of reviews, news, trailers, previews, and whatever else sounds good.

Patreon logo

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Centauri Express – Vol2, Issue 1 – Dash Cardigan 01

Size: 41.7M Duration: 30:26

Centauri-Express-logo-transparentWelcome to the first issue of the second volume of the Centauri Express Audio Magazine! As we’ve mentioned before, the first volume of the Express was way back in the 1980s and was distributed on cassette, if you can believe such a thing. Today, we’ve moved into…a more modern era.

Dash-Cardigan-webAnd, as promised, we are bringing you the expanded edition of Thomas E. Fuller’s epic space opera, Dash Cardigan. We originally presented it as the hour-long stage version on ARTC’s Podcast, but this is the expanded 13-episode original version. Chock full of character development, tense plots, and astounding…wait, what? The whole series is a bunch of cheesy jokes and classic movie references? Sounds great!!

Louis+Puster+IIIAlso in this issue of the Express, William L. Brown interviews author Louis Puster, III about his Saga of Ukumog series of books and we’ll also hear a segment from a panel discussion at Sci Fi Summer 2016 that features William Brown, Anthony Fuller, and William Alan Ritch. We’ll bring you more of that panel discussion in future issues of the Express, so stay tuned for that!

As always, thanks for listening and let us know what else you’d like to hear in the audio magazine!

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The Proper Thing to Do

Size: 45.5M, Duration: 24:18

A few extra notes for this episode. We have big changes in store for this podcast. First, we have increased the sampling rate for this episode and for all future episodes.

When we started this podcast 10 years ago we purposely made the decision to encode each episode a lot lower than we needed to because the ultimate goal was to help people understand what audio drama was. We weren’t exactly the only game in town, but we were one of only a few audio drama companies that we knew about and what we wanted to do was draw attention to the art form and also let people know about our titles for sale. What better way than to have free samples? We also had years of live performances sitting around that didn’t meet our standards for sale, but were still something we were extremely proud of and didn’t want to keep to ourselves.

Today the landscape has changed. There are dozens if not hundreds of audio drama podcasts out there. Anthologies and series, ongoing and one-offs, and at least one notable podcast about how to do audio drama podcasts. After ten years, it’s time for us to get with the times.

So, with all of that said, this episode, number 167 will be the last installment of what we have been so creatively calling “ARTC’s Podcast”. Next month we’re relaunching as the Centauri Express.

What’s going to be different? Lots. For one thing, we’re joining the club and will begin airing studio-produced episodes of some of the various serials we’ve written over the years, starting with our 13-part expanded story of Dash Cardigan. We’re also working on a new show intro and will be including additional segments from time to time that will feature panel discussions, interviews, and really whatever else you’d like to hear, so be sure to let us know at Plus there’s that improved audio quality we were just discussing.

What’s going to be the same? How you get us. We’re sticking with the same publication platform and RSS feed, so you shouldn’t notice much difference except in the format of the content. Also the same, unfortunately, will be the publication schedule. I had hoped to be able to bring this to you every two weeks, but we’re still getting our studio legs under us, as it were. We’ve been performing live for so long that we’ve gotten pretty good at it, if we do say so ourselves, but adding studio work in there to go with those live shows is a bit of a learning curve. Plus, we want to be able to have a consistent schedule without any gaps in publication. We’re still shooting for that every two week mark, but we want to get there in a way that is sustainable.

For those of you who were enjoying the live performances, fear not. We’ll still be bringing those to you by way of Patreon, which you’ve heard me talk about for the last few episodes. All patrons at any level will be able to hear these updates, which will become free bonus content for those folks like Caran, Matthew, Kerry, Christa, John, Donald, Jason, Chelsea, Brad, Sterling, Ben, Richard, Shael, Juliana, and Sketch. The regular episodes of the Centauri Express will continue to be free, but we’d truly appreciate your support.

And the last thing I’d like to ask of you before we get into this month’s episode is for you to let us know what you’ve been doing while listening to ARTC’s Podcast. Do you listen while you drive? Just sit quietly? Catch Pokemon? Do you listen by yourself or make it a group activity? Let us know at or head over to the main website at and use the Speak Pipe to leave us a voicemail that we can feature in later shows.

And now for this month’s episode, which is kind of a transition episode, as this piece was produced here at ARTC Studio and is the first in a new imprint for us. Our other imprints include things like Science Fiction by Gaslight, which features adaptations of classic horror and science fiction, Into the Labyrinth, featuring original dark fantasy, and Adventures in Sound, which features original work that doesn’t really fit into any specific category. And to that lineup we are adding The Sound of Liberty, a collection of classic science fiction adaptations and some original work that highlights the principles in the American Bill of Rights.

The first installment in The Sound of Liberty is this month’s audio drama offering, The Proper Thing to Do by Brad Linaweaver and William Alan Ritch, adapted for audio and directed by William Alan Ritch, produced by David Benedict.

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The Game is Afoot: Game the Fourth – The Ultimate Ultimatum

We love all of our audiences and look forward to entertaining everyone, but some audiences have a special place in our hearts. 221B Con is one of them. Not least because we pack the house when we go there!

Audience at 221B Con 2016


It’s such a ton of fun playing to these dedicated Sherlock Holmes fans. An iconic character, portayed by a variety of actors in a variety of ways, but without having to deal with all the time travel and blue police boxes. For this performance, we commissioned new scripts from Sketch MacQuinor. One was Commonplaces, by Naomi Novik (stay tuned to see if we can run that one on the podcast), and the other was The Game is Afoot: Game the Fourth – The Ultimate Ultimatum.

Alton Leonard and Hal Wiedeman

Pictured: A ton of fun

We also had a special guest for the show, David Nellist!

David Nellist with Matt Goodson


David was such a good sport about this. We only asked him if he’d appear on stage with us a few hours before show time, but he agreed to do it readily. Right up until the show itself, we were figuring out the logistics of when to have him approach the stage, how to introduce him, and going over his role.

Alton Leonard, Hal Wiedeman, David Nellist, and Matt Goodson

And then we gave him a non-speaking part and pushed his character off a cliff.

And the fans LOVED it! Next year we hope to have him back in a more substantial (and audible) role, but for this year he honored us by appearing on stage, however briefly, and gamely played along with the joke. Thank you, David!

Daniel Kiernan at the Foley sound effects table

Pictured: Our biggest fan

Thank you for listening! If you’re enjoying the podcast, be sure to support us on Patreon! Or just tell your friends about us!

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The Rats in the Walls-LIVE part 4 of 4

Well, here we are. We made it. All the way through 4 parts of Lovecraftian horror and now we’re…not quite ready for the Centauri Express to launch.

Hal Wiedeman

Hal Wiedeman is displeased

We were so looking forward to this being the last episode of the venerable, but generically named, ARTC’s Podcast. But we just can’t. We can’t put forth something that’s less than our best effort. We just can’t do that to our listeners. So we’re pushing back to August. We hope.

Paige Steadman

Paige Steadman has her doubts.

So we’ll be carrying on in our usual fashion for just a couple more months. In the meantime, won’t you consider supporting us on Patreon? We just posted a bunch of really cool milestone goals to help you know what your support will mean to us, and we’re working on a short video to show how we’re operating, too. All kinds of good stuff going on, so remember that you can set your own budget and hopefully you can see your way clear to helping us out a bit. We’d really appreciate it!

Bob Zimmerman, Kat Nowack, and Bill Ritch

Bob Zimmerman, Kat Nowack, and Bill Ritch are waiting for YOU.

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The Rats in the Walls-LIVE part 3 of 4

We’re back and ready for another episode of ARTC’s Podcast! This month, The Rats in the Walls-LIVE part 3 of 4, performed live at the Academy Theatre in October 2012.

What else can we say about Lovecraft and The Rats in the Walls? Not much, really. I mean, it’s creepy, it’s awesome, it’s classic horror.

Paige Steadman

Paige Steadman wants to know what you mean by “creepy”.


So in this month’s show notes, we’re going to talk instead about what’s coming up for the podcast. As we mention in the podcast itself, we’re about to wind down on the show as you’ve known it for the last 10 years. We’re shooting for a June launch, but we’re perfectionists, so it might be July or August before we get this really ready, but when it gets moving it’s going to be as hard to stop as a freight train. Which is fitting since it will be the Centauri Express Audio Magazine!

Dash-DashWhat is the Centauri Express? It’s whatever you want it to be! For one thing we’ll be taking a step back from our anthology format and focusing on a serialized audio drama, beginning with the full 13-episode version of Dash Cardigan!

But that’s not all! We’ll also be featuring interviews with ARTC personnel, behind-the-scenes looks at our productions, outtakes, and user-submitted content that might take the form of reviews or previews of other audio dramas, convention reports, flash fiction, and whatever else looks interesting to us and to you, our loyal listeners.

Enjoying the live performances? Fret not! The majority of the back catalog will remain online and free for the foreseeable future and future live performances will be made available as free perks for our Patreon subscribers at ALL levels.

Hal Wiedeman and David Benedict

Hal Wiedeman has “feelings” about that news. David Benedict looks on, while scouting an escape route.

There’s still one more part of The Rats in the Walls to go and then…well, you’ll just have to stay tuned to find out what happens next. But whatever shows up next you can be sure that….There is Adventure in Sound!

Kat Nowack and Bill Ritch

Kat Nowack and Bill Ritch are waiting with you.

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The Rats in the Walls-LIVE part 2 of 4

We’re really sorry we missed our normal publication time this month! Car trouble impeded our progress. But we’re back on track now!

EDIT: We forgot the link to the actual audio! It’s here now! Those of you looking for it can find it now!

Tony Fuller at the Foley table

Tony Fuller practices breaking some kneecaps in case this ever happens again.

This month we continue with The Rats in the Walls from our 2012 performance. With music by The Ghosts Project, it was a really creepy experience.

Robert Drake on stage lights

Robert Drake is really creeped out.

The creepiness was enhanced by the lighting wizardry of Robert Drake. We don’t always have the luxury of special lighting at our live shows. At most of our convention appearances we usually just have the ballroom lights of the room we’re performing in, so being able to do a show at the Academy Theatre is a real treat.

Probably should have saved the fisheye lens for The Shadow Over Innsmouth

The-Rats-in-the-Walls-Live-Digital02And don’t forget, you can get this performance at a much higher audio quality from Bandcamp!

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The Rats in the Walls – LIVE part 1 of 4

So last month we brought you The Music of Erich Zann. This month we decided to keep the cosmic horror going. And why not? It’s our 10th year of podcasting and our H. P. Lovecraft fans have been very good to us, so we’d like to be very good to them!

The-Rats-in-the-Walls-Live-Digital02This month we bring you The Rats in the Walls-LIVE by H. P. Lovecraft, adapted for audio by Brad Strickland, with music by The Ghosts Project, accompanied by Alton Leonard.

This performance was part of our 2012 celebration, Lovecraft’s Nightmares. And it’s available for sale! Up to now, performances on the podcast were exclusive to the podcast, but you can download this performance from Bandcamp. Or, if you’re a purist, you can get the original recording that featured Harlan Ellison!

For the uninitiated, Lovecraft’s Nightmares was our monthlong celebration of the master of cosmic horror. For four weekends in October, ARTC performed a different Lovecraft adaptation from our catalog. The first weekend, we led off with The Rats in the Walls, featuring Dave Schroeder in the role of Delapore.

Dave Schroeder

Dave Schroeder pronounces it Shray-der.

And, as if a month of Lovecraft weren’t enough, we invited our good friends Paul Mercer and Davis Petterson, The Ghosts Project, to play along. You can hear them on several of our other performances as well, such as The Island of Dr. Moreau, The Call of C’thulhu, and At the Mountains of Madness, and their music also serves as the intro for our podcast!

Paul Mercer

Paul Mercer pronounces it with a viola

Keep a lookout for more collaborations between ARTC and The Ghosts Project!

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